Wohnkonzepte für das 21. Jahrhundert
Since the nineties, contemporary architecture is being confronted more and more with a contradictory phenomenon that appears on all scales and working fields. Architects are asked on one hand to produce very neutral and anonymous buildings that can be changed easily, are able to react on changing economic situations and are adaptable to different programs. On the other hand at the same time, they are asked to create very specific buildings that are easy to identify, possessing pleasant form with unique spaces and can be enjoyed by the users. Atelier Kempe Thill takes this modern paradox very consciously as the point of departure of the work. The office is by this able to create structures that are neutral and economic as well as being enjoyable and innovative. By doing so, architecture is free to express the hidden vitality of our time.

28.05.2021, 17:00 Uhr Atelier Kempe Thill I Rotterdam
"Wohnkonzepte für das 21. Jahrhundert"